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What is IPL treatment



What is IPL? Our device uses a unique Intense Pulsed Light with narrowband technology defined by dual filters and sub-millisecond pulses for exceptional skin rejuvenation and vascular treatments treating both reds and browns. This procedure improves pigmentation for clear & bright skin and can:
+ Treat sun damage
+ Reclaim youthful tone & texture
+ Treat vascular lesions
+ Clear acne

AAW uses the Nordlys system to help reduce acne. The Nordlys system treats acne by reducing the blood supply to the sebaceous gland to slow down the production of sebum. The system delivers short, bursts of SWT (Selective Waveband Technology) IPL directed at the skin. Using patented Dual Mode Filtering technology, the system filters the light to ensure that only the wavelengths necessary for the treatment are used. Because of this, only the blood vessels that supply the sebaceous gland are impacted, while the surrounding vessels are not affected.


The best way to determine if IPL is the right choice for your current skin type and condition, is to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled aestheticians.

You can view pre-treatment & post-treatment instructions here.


1 SESSION - $250

3 SESSIONS - $625

The Nordlys system gently treats acne by delivering narrow light wavelengths with the SWT IPL. No topical anesthetics are required and many patients describe the treatment as minimal discomfort, like a flick from a rubber band, followed by a sensation similar to the feeling of gentle warmth after a day on the beach.


1 SESSION - $300

3 SESSIONS - $750

Rejuvenate your skin with IPL treatment. The SWT IPL treatment makes your skin look clear and bright by delivering short bursts of light that directly target the blood vessels or melanin within your skin. It delivers clinically proven results in the treatment of skin rejuvenation.


1 SESSION - $200

3 SESSIONS - $500


1 SESSION - $300

3 SESSIONS - $750

  • Can Biote help with weight management?
    Absolutely, by restoring hormonal balance, Biote can aid in metabolism regulation, supporting healthier weight management efforts.
  • What makes Biote different from traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?
    Biote offers a personalized, bioidentical approach, closely mimicking the body's natural hormone production, leading to more balanced and natural-feeling results. These are not just any hormones; they're bioidentical, meaning they match your body's hormones molecule for molecule. Inserted under the skin, they dissolve slowly, providing a steady hormone supply directly to your bloodstream, bypassing the liver to maintain consistent levels without the risks associated with synthetic hormones.
  • How long does it take to see results with Biote?
    While individual experiences vary, many patients begin to notice improvements in symptoms like energy levels and mood stability within a few weeks of their first treatment.
  • Who is an ideal candidate for Biote?
    Anyone experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance, such as fatigue, mood swings, or sleep disturbances, could potentially benefit from Biote's tailored hormone optimization.
  • Is Biote therapy safe?
    Yes, Biote uses hormones identical to those your body naturally produces, reducing the risk of adverse effects associated with synthetic hormones.
  • What can I expect following a CO2RE Intima treatment?
    The response to treatment will vary and results appear gradually.
  • When should I seek medical advice?
    If your skin changes in appearance (color or texture), talk to a medical professional about what can help. Our Nurse Practitioner Hilary, would be happy to have this conversation with you.
  • What are some genital skin concerns that can be treated with the CO2RE Intima system?
    The CO2RE Intima system can treat many gynecological conditions that women may experience, including: Conization of the cervix such as vulvar and vaginal intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN, VAIN) Condyloma acuminat Leukoplakia (vulvar dystrophies) Herpes vaporization Urethral caruncle vaporization Cervical dysplasia Benign and malignant tumor Erythroplasia
  • What about side effects?
    Speak with our nurse practitioner Hilary, about any side effects such as swelling, itching, discomfort, or minor pain that could occur with energy-based treatments. For a complete list, speak to your physician.
  • How many IPL Nordlys treatments will I need?
    The number of treatments depends on the area and nature of what you’re having treated and may also depend on your skin type. Ask your treatment provider how many treatments you can expect for your condition.
  • What can the Nordlys system’s SWT IPL treatments do for my sun-damaged skin?
    It makes your skin look clear and bright by delivering short bursts of light that directly target the blood vessels or melanin within your skin. Potentially harmful wavelengths are removed using patented Dual Mode Filtering. The remaining wavelengths are absorbed by the hemoglobin in your blood vessels — only the treated ones — and the melanin in your freckles, sun spots, or other pigmented lesions.
  • When do patients see results from microneedling?
    Results appear gradually as your body produces collagen. You may see improvement within a few weeks. It usually takes several months and treatments before you see full results. Most people need to have a series of treatments to see optimal results.
  • How long do the results from microneedling last?
    As your body loses collagen, the results will fade. People lose collagen at different rates. To decrease the amount of collagen that your body loses: Protect your skin from the sun Don’t smoke To maintain your results, your dermatologist may also recommend that you return for a maintenance microneedling session once a year.
  • Who should avoid microneedling?
    This treatment is safe for most people and people of all skin tones. However, no one treatment is right for everyone. You should not have microneedling if you: Heal slowly or poorly Have (or had) a raised scar called a keloid Have a weakened immune system due to a medical condition or medication Are being treated for skin cancer in the area that you want microneedling Are receiving radiation treatments There are also certain times when microneedling should not be performed. Your esthetician might wait to treat you if you have: A tan or have been in the sun recently A skin infection Pimples that feel painful, contain pus, or go deep into your skin Taken (or are taking) isotretinoin, a medication that treats severe acne Before your esthetician will treat you with microneedling, you may need to wait until your tan, sunburn, infection, or pimples have cleared. If you are taking isotretinoin, at least one month must have passed since you took your last pill.
  • How long does microneedling treatment take?
    This varies with the condition and area of the body your esthetician is treating. For example, treating fine lines on the skin above your upper lip may take a few minutes. By contrast, fading stretch marks on both hips may require a 15- to 30-minute microneedling session.
  • Is there any downtime after microneedling?
    Downtime is minimal. You may have some discomfort after receiving treatment. Immediately after microneedling, you may see some redness (lighter skin tones) or darker shades (darker skin tones) on your treated skin. Your treated skin may feel like it’s sunburned, causing minor discomfort, burning, or swelling. These reactions usually disappear in a few days to a week. To soothe your skin in the meantime, your dermatologist may recommend applying a post-treatment aftercare cream. While you may have some discomfort, you can leave your dermatologist’s office and return to work or school immediately after microneedling. However, it’s important to wait 24 hours before you apply makeup.
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  • Can I Personalize My Hydrafacial Treatment?
    The short answer? A resounding yes! During your treatment, your provider can personalize it with a super serum booster that is most suitable for you and your skincare concerns. These boosters include: Sente Dermabuilder. - A peptide complex, this smoothing and refining booster helps enhance skin elasticity and smooth the appearance of fine lines. Hydrafacial Regen GF Booster. - This booster is specifically created to mimic growth factors and to help boost collagen and elastin production, leading to firmer, restored skin. HydroPeptide Power Serum Booster. - This booster helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin firmness and volume. It’s formulated to address aging concerns from frown lines, smile lines, and forehead lines.
  • So, What Happens During A Hydrafacial Treatment, Exactly?
    We use patented technology to purify, nourish, and protect the skin. So what are those three steps? Cleanse - Cleanses and exfoliates with a gentle peel to uncover a new layer of skin. Extract - Removes impurities from pores with painless gentle suction. Hydrate - Saturates the skin’s surface with intense moisturizers and nourishing, personalized ingredients.
  • How Do I Minimize The Signs Of Aging?
    First, let us say this. While the signs of aging are inevitable, we also honestly love that they exist. It’s so important to embrace life, and living life to the fullest. And if that means an extra wrinkle here or there, so be it — because we are here to help you feel confident in your skin at any age. That being said, of course it's natural to want to look for ways to minimize the signs of aging. A personalized treatment is a great way to do so. You can look forward to: Diminished look of fine lines and wrinkles Improved skin firmness and feel Smooth texture Even, radiant tone We recommend incorporating a Hydrafacial treatment into your current skincare routine. It is not meant to replace your skincare regimen, but to enhance and complement it. We recommend monthly Hydrafacial treatments to maintain skin health results.
  • What kind of results can I expect and how many treatments will I need?
    Many clients report seeing visible skin refinement and an even, radiant skin tone after just one treatment. The smooth results and hydration from Hydrafacial may last 5 to 7 days or even longer. We don’t believe in quick fixes, so one treatment per month is recommended for improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, oily and congested skin. Continued treatments are highly recommended to maintain skin health results.
  • Can I Peel The Skin That Is Hanging During The Peeling Process?
    Do not pull back on the skin that is shedding. It is recommended to use a clean, small cuticle scissor to trim the exfoliating skin. You can also wash the face very gently to help remove the hanging skin but be sure to not rub excessively. If washing the face multiple times a day, be sure to add moisture back to the skin by applying the Post Treatment Repair Cream (or Aquaphor if very dry). Don’t forget to use SPF 50+ to protect the skin during and after the exfoliation process.
  • How Long Will I Peel?
    In general, you can expect to start peeling on or around day three and peel for about three to four days afterward. Each person’s peeling experience is a little different, and some may peel for more or fewer days, depending on the condition of the skin. If this is your first VI Peel, it’s also normal to peel for a longer period of time.
  • When Can I Work Out After A VI Peel?
    You should refrain from exercising for 72-96 hours after receiving the VI Peel to prevent any blistering in the skin or Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). If prone to PIH or with pigment damage/melasma it is suggested to refrain for the entire 7-day peeling process so as not to induce heat or inflammation in the skin that can lead to further damage.
  • Who Can NOT Get The VI Peel?
    Generally, the VI Peel is a safe and effective treatment for most. However, there are a few contraindications that disqualify you from receiving the VI Peel. Please note that the below list is not an extensive list, and we always recommend you consult your healthcare professional before starting any new skincare regimen or treatment. Those who are pregnant or who are breastfeeding Those who have an aspirin, hydroquinone, or phenol allergy Those who have used oral isotretinoin (Accutane) within the past 6 months Those who have active cold sores, warts, open wounds, or history of herpes simplex Those who are undergoing chemotherapy and or radiation therapy within 6 months Those with a history of an autoimmune (i.e. Lupus) or liver disease/disorder, as well as, any condition that may weaken their immune system.
  • What will I look like right after the peel?
    Immediately after the peel, your skin may look slightly tan and glowy. You will not look much different and should be okay going about your regular daily routine.
  • Can I Cleanse My Face In The Shower During The Post-Peel Process?
    No, before showering, use cool water to gently cleanse your face with the VI Derm Cleanser using your fingertips. Avoid exfoliating, rubbing, pulling, or peeling your skin.
  • Can I Use My Own Skincare While Peeling?
    We advise against using your regular moisturizers on the skin for the full exfoliation process, as it may have alcohol content or other ingredients that we do not want to damage the skin as it is preparing for peeling and shedding. We recommend that you stick to the products in your post-care kit only for a full week.
  • It’s My First Night And I'm Itchy! Is This Normal?
    Yes, it is normal to experience itching on the first night of your VI Peel treatment. You may apply the Post Treatment Repair anti-itch Cream to your skin throughout the night. Avoid scratching your skin. You may take an over-the-counter antihistamine blocker if recommended by your provider.
  • Does The VI Peel Burn?
    The VI Peel does not burn! You may experience slight warmness and tingling in the beginning, but this should quickly subside. Besides the warmness and tingling, VI Peel treatments are virtually painless.
  • How many peels do I need to start seeing results?
    Everyone’s skin is a little different, and the number of peels needed for desired results varies from person to person, and from skin condition to skin condition. While just a single peel will achieve significant skin rejuvenation (think less pigment, smoother skin texture, and brighter, glowier skin overall), in general, we recommend a series of 3-6 peels for optimal results. Make sure to consult with your AAW healthcare professional to find a VI Peel treatment frequency that’s right for you.
  • Can I Swim After A VI Peel?
    We do not recommend swimming for 7-10 days because the chlorine and chemicals in the pool can irritate the skin.
  • Is the VI Peel safe for darker skin?
    Yes! ALL VI Peel treatments are safe and effective for ALL skin tones. Inclusivity is central to our brand and mission, and all the products we use for VI Peels are created for and with skin of color in mind.
  • When Can I Wear Makeup After A VI Peel?
    After the VI Peel solution is applied to the skin, no makeup or any topical products can be applied for the first 4 hours, including sunscreen! At the 4 hour mark, you can apply makeup after you've completed the "Four Hour Post Treatment" steps.
  • How Many Times A Year Can I Have A VI Peel?
    If a series is recommended, the VI Peel is suitable to receive every 4-6 weeks as directed by your Practitioner. Your Practitioner will be able to create your own unique skincare plan for your skincare needs. You can also have the VI Peels quarterly/seasonally and receive 4 peels a year for the maintenance of healthy skin.
  • Can The VI Peel Make Me Breakout Or Purge?
    Purging or experiencing mild acne breakouts after getting a VI Peel is completely normal. This type of acne purging can happen after any exfoliating treatment, as the treatment increases cellular turnover, not only lifting dead skin cells but also allowing for any congestion that is trapped beneath the skin to come to the surface. It's important to remember that your acne may seem to get worse before getting better, and you may need multiple VI Peel treatments to resolve your acne. Purging of the skin will reduce with subsequent peels as congested pores become cleared. In between treatments, we recommend using products that help further increase cellular turnover, like VI Derm Retinol Age-Defying Treatment Moisturizer.
  • When Can I Go In The Sun?
    You want to avoid direct and extreme sun exposure for the first 7 days. Make sure you’re applying your VI Derm SPF 50 Sunscreen (provided in your Aftercare Kit) every morning. Also note that lifestyle sun exposure, like running errands, going for a walk, walking your dog, grabbing coffee, and driving, are all fine, as long as you are protecting your skin from the sun by wearing SPF and wearing a hat.
  • What are the possible side effects?
    The most common side effects are minor and last 1 to 3 days. These side effects include: Discomfort Swelling Redness
  • How long will the results of laser hair removal last?
    Most patients remain hair free for months or even years. When some of the hair regrows, it will likely be less noticeable. To keep the area free of hair, a patient may need maintenance laser treatments.
  • What happens during laser hair reduction?
    The laser treatment will take place in a room set up specifically for laser treatments. Everyone in the room must wear protective eyewear during the procedure. To perform the procedure, the skin is held taut and the skin is treated with the laser. Many patients say that the laser pulses feel like warm pinpricks or a rubber band being snapped against the skin. How long your treatment lasts depends on the size of the area being treated. Treating the upper lip takes minutes. If you are having a large area like the back or legs treated, your treatment may last more than an hour.
  • When is it safe to have another laser treatment for hair removal?
    This varies from patient to patient. Removing hair often requires a series of laser treatments. Most patients can have laser hair removal once every 4 to 6 weeks. Your dermatologist will tell you when it is safe to have another treatment. Most patients see some hair regrowth. Your dermatologist can tell you when you can safely have laser treatments to maintain the results.
  • What must I do after getting laser hair reduction?
    To avoid possible side effects, all patients need to protect their skin from the sun. After laser hair removal, you should: Avoid direct sunlight from hitting your treated skin. Not use a tanning bed, sun lamp, or any other indoor tanning equipment. You may see some redness and swelling after treatment. This often looks like a mild sunburn. If discomfort occurs, applying a cool compress can help reduce this.
  • Is there downtime?
    No, laser hair removal generally does not require any real downtime. Immediately after having laser hair removal, your treated skin may be red and swollen. Despite this, most people return to their everyday activities.
  • When will I see the results after having laser hair reduction?
    The results vary from patient to patient. The color and thickness of your hair, area treated, type of laser used, and color of your skin all affect the results. Some may see a 10% to 25% reduction in hair after the first treatment.
  • How long does lamination last?
    It usually lasts 4-8 weeks. To keep your lashes and/or brows looking great, you can simply brush them into place.
  • How do I get the best lash retention?
    Follow all the after instructions your technician recommends. Avoid any products with oil and excessive touching/rubbing of your lashes. Keeping your lash line and extensions clean to avoid build-up of makeup or excessive oil is very important. Using a lash-specific cleanser will be a topic that your AAW esthetician will bring up with you at your appointment.
  • How long do extensions last?
    It depends on your lashes natural growth cycle, use of skin care products, and the overall care given. These things affect how long the extensions will stay attached to your natural lashes (lash retention). Most clients prefer to come in every 2-3 weeks for a fill.
  • Will extensions damage my natural lashes?
    When extensions are applied correctly by a professional with proper technique, they are completely safe and do not cause damage to your natural lashes. Eyelashes have a natural growth/shed cycle and extensions do not alter that. The eyelash adhesive is formulated to form a solid bond, specifically designed for human lashes. You might notice that natural cycle a bit more once your lashes are more pronounced.
  • Who is brow lamination the best for?
    Who is brow lamination the best for? Everyone! Brow lamination will make a thin brow appear fuller and tame any hair into place for easy maintenance.
  • Is getting injections painful?
    You may feel a slight sting or burning sensation with injections but most of our clients say that discomfort is very minimal.
  • Will I look natural?
    We work with you in depth to determine what your desired results are and how we can achieve them together. Our experienced physician, Hilary is the best at getting you the results you desire, as natural or dramatic as you want to be.
  • What are the possible side effects?
    According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association: After receiving injections, some patients have minor, temporary side effects where they were injected. You may have: Redness Swelling Tenderness Bruising (occasionally) These side effects tend to clear within 7 to 14 days — if not earlier. Serious side effects are more likely when the person injecting the filler does not have adequate medical training and experience. To protect your health, you should never get filler injections in a non-medical setting, such as non-medical spa, salon, or someone’s home. When fillers are injected in a non-medical setting or by an inexperienced provider, reports of more serious side effects increase dramatically. These side effects include: Lumps. Ridges. Over-filled areas. Allergic reaction. Skin discoloration. Infection. Severe swelling. This is one of the safest cosmetic treatments available. For years, dermatologists have been refining the use of fillers to diminish signs of aging. Today, dermatologists safely treat people of many ages and all skin colors.
  • How long do Botox/Xeomin results last?
    The injections take full effect in two weeks. With results lasting on average 12 weeks.
  • How long will my Dermal Filler results last?
    For most people, the injection results can be seen almost immediately. Some swelling might be present after injection but that should subside within a few days to show the full results. Some fillers can last anywhere from 4-9 months or longer. Your result's sustainability is based on what area of your face you choose to have injected.For example, the lips have a lot of movement so lip filler typically breaks down faster.
  • How do I book a service/treatment?
    Booking is easy! You can call us at 816-431-6131 or book any service online by visiting our Full Service List webpage.
  • Where is AAW Located?
    We would love to see your beautiful face! You can find us here: 1108 Platte Falls Road Platte City, MO 64079
  • What are your hours?
    Mon - Thurs: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Friday: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturday: By Appointment Only ​Sunday: Closed You can call us at 816-431-6131.
  • What is the CO2RE procedure like?
    You can expect some some discomfort during the treatment, but numbing cream is applied before the procedure typically makes any discomfort tolerable. Post-procedure you may experience some discomfort.
  • How many CO2RE treatments will I need?
    Generally, you’ll see the difference you want after only one treatment. In the weeks/months after the treatment, your skin will gradually look softer and smoother, with less unwanted pigmentation. The fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and uneven texture will start to show improvement.
  • How do I know if CO2RE treatments are right for me?
    Ideal candidates for CO2RE treatments have fine lines, furrows and other types of deep wrinkles, discoloration, rough texture (acne scars), age spots, or skin damaged by exposure to the sun. It is ideal for anyone seeking younger-looking skin without the long downtime associated with conventional resurfacing procedures. You should speak with your practitioner about your complete medical and skin history to minimize the potential for any negative reactions.
  • What can I expect after my procedure?
    Please be advised that you may expect a certain degree of discomfort, redness, and/or irritation during and after treatment for 3-5 days. If any discomfort or irritation persists, please notify the clinic at (816)431-6131
    Since patient downtime is minimal, makeup can be applied 1 to 2 days after the treatment. Patients should expect to see micro lesions a few days after treatment and slight redness depending on treatment parameters.
    Radiofrequency (RF) energy is a scientifically proven method to remodel and rebuild collagen. It is minimally invasive, using a matrix of micro pins to renew the deeper layers of the skin with almost no patient downtime.
    Your practitioner will recommend the optimal number of sessions to be performed based on your personal objectives. Treatment times and frequency will be specifically tailored to obtain the optimal results.
    The benefit of Morpheus8's color-blind technology is that it can be used on all skin types. The unique properties allow even darker tones to be treated.
    Yes, Morpheus8 can be used in the same treatment session, or a few days after other treatments. Morpheus8 can also be combined with other InMode energy treatments or injectables to achieve more extensive results.
    Patients should moisturize the treatment area and avoid direct sun exposure. It is also recommended that patients use a broad spectrum sunscreen every day. In addition to reducing the risk of skin cancer, sunscreens also slow the aging process.
    Visible results can be seen within a few days, but typically after three weeks the most noticeable results appear. Improvements continue up to three months after treatment.
  • Are there any side effects of the medications used in the program?
    As with any medication, there can be side effects. Common ones for Semaglutide and Tirzepatide may include gastrointestinal issues. Hilary, our nurse practitioner will discuss potential side effects and monitor your response to the medication closely.
  • How quickly will I see results?
    The timeline for observing results from a weight loss program, especially one involving medications like Semaglutide and Tirzepatide, can vary widely among individuals due to differences in metabolism, initial body composition, adherence to the program, and individual biological responses to the treatment. Understanding the Process: Initial Changes: Some individuals might notice changes in appetite and satiety within the first few weeks due to the medications regulating hunger hormones, leading to reduced calorie intake. Visible Results: As the body adjusts, weight loss typically becomes more noticeable. On average, visible results can be seen anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks after starting the treatment. Continued Progress: For most participants, the journey doesn't stop with the first few pounds. Steady, gradual weight loss is often observed with continued adherence to the prescribed treatment and lifestyle adjustments. Factors Influencing Results: Dosage and Compliance: Following the prescribed medication dosage and any dietary recommendations closely can significantly impact the speed and extent of results. Physical Activity: Incorporating regular physical activity enhances the effect of the medications and can accelerate weight loss. Metabolic Rate: Individual metabolic rates can affect how quickly weight loss occurs. Some may see rapid initial declines, while others experience a more gradual loss. Setting Realistic Expectations: It's essential to approach weight loss with realistic expectations. The goal of Semaglutide and Tirzepatide therapies is to support sustainable weight management. Rapid weight loss can be motivating, but steady, slow progress is often more sustainable and healthier in the long run. Conclusion: While immediate changes in appetite may be noticeable, visible weight loss typically takes a few weeks to become apparent, with significant results building over months. Consistency in following the prescribed program, lifestyle changes, and patience are key to achieving and maintaining optimal results.
  • How long does the program last?
    The duration of the program is personalized based on your specific goals, health status, and how your body responds to the treatment. Continual assessment ensures the program evolves with your needs.
  • Can the program help with weight-related health issues?
    Yes, effective weight management can improve various weight-related health issues, such as high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and insulin sensitivity. Our approach aims not just for weight loss but also for an overall healthier lifestyle.
  • How much does the program cost, and is it covered by insurance?
    The program cost varies based on the personalized treatment plan. We offer transparent pricing and encourage you to look into your HSA/FSA eligibility. It may be eligible! Additionally, we do accept Care Credit.
  • What if I have dietary restrictions or preferences?
    Our nutritional guidance is adaptable to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences, ensuring you can follow a healthy, balanced diet that supports your weight loss goals.
  • Is the weight loss program safe?
    The program is designed with safety as a priority. Individual health assessments ensure the program is tailored to your specific needs, minimizing risks and maximizing benefits.
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